This Week I Tried…January 22nd Edition

I am still slacking with the weekly posts, but really that’s only a promise I keep to myself, so what do you care? 😉

The past couple of weeks I’ve tried a few new things but have kept it pretty straight edge as I’ve been teetering on burn out with cooking and trying not to extend myself.  Check out what I ate the last couple of weeks!


Cost: $18

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: Just a note that this little recipe requires a food processor (which I have) but when I started all of this I didn’t read the fine print when choosing recipes and would end up getting ready to cook and realizing I didn’t have everything I needed.  That said this was so yummy, I’ve always loved zucchini and now I love the AIP version of zucchini-based meals, this pasta hits the spot.  I would double the recipe if you want it to last for a few meals!

Notes: $18 for 2-3 meals and, again, I recommend having or buying a food processor.  A blender won’t get you the texture you need, but could work in a pinch.


Cost: $13 – $30

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: OK, so this was the first dish with salmon that I enjoyed, probably because the salmon was smoked, but regardless, YAY!  This looks and tastes so good and works best as an appetizer, but is also filling as a main course.  Make sure the smoked salmon you buy is AIP approved and the sweet potatoes are white not orange!

Notes: $13 – $30 for 3-4 meals, the cost really depends on what spices you have around.  I had all of the spices, basil, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, etc.  If you don’t the price will bump up a bit.


Cost: $15 – $45

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: These pancakes were delicious but I only indulge once in awhile!  I know my pancake making skills could improve, looks wise, but they taste great…I promise.

Notes: $5 – $45 for 6-8 pancakes and it depends on the ingredients you already have.  Starting from scratch can be expensive of course, but I had most of these ingredients on hand so it only cost me roughly $15.


Cost: $0 – $64

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: So these turned out more like cookies when I made them, but they are still good.  I may have gone a little too wild on the cinnamon!  Whenever you make AIP or even paleo donuts don’t expect a donut, seriously, you will be very disappointed.  If you expect a tasty treat, then you’re all good.

Notes: $0 – $64 and I know that’s pricey!  I happened to have all of the ingredients, hence the $0, but if you don’t it might not be worth going out to buy all these ingredients.  As I’ve mentioned before, however, these ingredients will stretch and you’ll be able to make a lot of delicious treats with them.

ZESTY DETOX SALAD, recipe here!

Cost: $23

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: This was better than I thought it was going to be, but there was just TOO much salad.   I know I am supposed to love salads on AIP, buuuuut I don’t.  It is full of amazing nutritional value and AIP-ers need that!

Notes: $23 for 3-4 side salads with an entree (that sounds like something written in a Chili’s menu) ;).


Cost: $7.99

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: No recipe here but I wanted to share the banana muffins I made with the Simple Mills mix! Sometimes you need an easy snack and this is one of them.  I highly recommend this brand if you’ve reintroduced more paleo items into your diet!

Notes: $7.99 for one box of banana muffin mix, makes a dozen muffins!


(Photo Cred: Unbound Wellness)

Cost: $30

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: So I forgot to take a picture, but you’ve come to expect that from me now, so I have to.  Any who, this soup was yummy, nutritional, and anti-inflammatory thanks to our good pal turmeric.  Be careful with turmeric it will stain anything and everything it touches.  Hop on over and check out Michelle at Unbound Wellness she has a ton of great content and recipes to share, this being one of them

Notes: $30 for 4-5 meals and you can also freeze and save for a rainy day!  Soup is good to have on hand because it’s easy to heat up and eat again down the road.

BUTCHER BOX, site here!

Cost: $129/month

Rating (1-10): 10

Review: I love this service, I finally tried it and it’s so convenient and you get quality meat delivered to your door once a month.  If you sign up now you get free bacon in every delivery in 2018!  I received two free packages of bacon for my first order and the 2018 special.

Notes: $129 for 8-11 pounds of meat and if you choose the variety pack it’s always a bit of a surprise. I received 2.7 lbs of chicken breast, 2 lbs of ground pork, 2 lbs of ground beef, 2 lbs of sirloin, 2 lbs of sirloin tip, and, of course, 2 packages of AIP approved bacon.


Next week I get another year older and this weekend I am celebrating by making myself a paleo chocolate cake, I am excited to share the pics with you!  Also, and because every millennial loves nostalgia, my friends and I will be celebrating in pajamas.  Yes a pajama party, no room for judgment here folks!

I hope you found something good to eat, until next time…




This Week I Tried…January 9th Edition

I was back into the swing of normal life this past week and tried some new and delicious recipes, plus it’s raining in the LA desert today and I was in a writing mood, so lucky you I wrote this post (OMG)!




Cost: $20 – $35

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I am still working on getting enough organ meats into my diet, but this little recipe is certainly helpful in that endeavor.  I shared an image of the cooking process and the end result which I enjoyed alongside some Simple Mills Rosemary & Sea Salt crackers.  It’s so good! Disclaimer: you should have successfully reintroduced cashews into your diet before attempting this recipe

Notes: $20 – $35 and you’ll have a snack for daaaaays!  Lasts for roughly 5 days in the refrigerator, freeze up to 3 months after that.  This recipe filled up a big piece of tupperware so you will have a lot.


Cost: $15 – $25

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: Again, salmon (see all fish), not for me, but this was probably one of the tastier salmon dishes I have had thus far.  I try to have at least one fish dish a week to get those omega-3’s!

Notes: $15 – $25 for 3-4 meals (if you’re like me and have to choke down salmon it will last you 4 meals, small bits only).  Side note: the sweet potato rounds are always bomb, eat those.

PALEO PAD THAI, recipe here!

Cost: $35 – $55

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I am a lady who loves her pad thai and all Thai foods (especially panang curry, I miss you panang).  Thai food is pretty much a no-no for paleo AIP folks, even with reintroductions, many many night shade spices that are hard on the body appear in Thai dishes.  I was thrilled to try this recipe (I substituted kelp noodles for squash noodles), it wasn’t really pad thai in the traditional sense but it was definitely yummy in its own unique way.  You need to go in with the expectation that the paleo or AIP versions of recipes will be good but different than the standard versions.

Notes: $35 – $55 for 4 meals, this one is pricier as it incorporates non-traditional ingredients so be prepared to pony up if you really want to make it. 🙂


Cost: $30 – $35

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: I normally love steak but when cooking with 100% grass fed beef you need more flavorings to offset the gamey taste and this recipe wasn’t doing it for me. I would go heavier on the spices if I make it again.  Also I recommend buying thicker asparagus as the thinner versions are a bit limp after cooking (but still delicious).

Notes: $30 – $35 for a 4 meals, I used a sirloin steak from the Belcampo Butcher Shop in Santa Monica (they also have an amazing restaurant and they can accommodate AIP).


Cost: $30 – $40

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I loved this recipe and it is 100% like the real thing, I actually used organic white jasmine rice, not cauliflower rice (white rice is actually recommended over brown rice in reintroductions).  White rice, however, should be eaten in extreme moderation (I am failing at that).  It’s OK not to be perfect though, I am far from it, last night I dreamt I ate 4 slices of pizza….I am sad about that…because I don’t remember what it tasted like ;).

Notes: $30 – $40 for a 4 meals and you’ll enjoy every last bit of it, if you like stir fry!


Cost: $5 – $20

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I have to admit that this one was a bit too sweet/thick for me, but very good otherwise.  I will have to try a lighter turmeric-based tea here soon.  Eric really liked it!

Notes: $5 – $20 for the ingredients, everything but the coconut milk should last you for quite a few rounds of making this recipe.


Cost: $4

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I love discovering easy treats/snacks on AIP/Paleo!  They can be hard to come by unless you shop ahead. I first saw these on Alaena Haber’s Grazed and Enthused Instagram stories and they were in the aisle at my local Whole Foods, so I had to try one out.  While they really don’t taste like caramel sea salt (they taste like coconut as many Paleo/AIP treats do), they were yummy! I want to try their dark chocolate and almond sea salt bars, I’ll let you know how they are after I pick one up and give it a go

Notes: $4 per bar/pack, so yes they’re pricey, but quality ingredients often are!

I want to start the new year strong and find a good medical team to help with any underlying issues that may be holding me back from healing.  So if you know of any good functional medicine doctors, nutritional therapy practitioners, acupuncturists, etc.  in the LA area please send them my way.  While endocrinologists are great at diagnosing, their knowledge of autoimmune diseases are pretty slim. Sure, Hashimoto’s affects the thyroid but the root cause is not in the thyroid, so your health cannot be put solely in their hands.

I started listening to the Phoenix Helix podcast run by Eileen Laird which is so very helpful and positive for the AI journey.  Eileen interviews a multitude of people in the AI community who have or specialize in many different AI conditions.  One point they all drive home is that there is no easy/quick fix and there are multiple aspects to healing, something to remember when we’re frustrated on this road.

I know this is a far cry from who I was just 6 months ago and for those of you in my life who do not have an autoimmune condition please understand that this is important to my health and it is very much helping.  Food is medicine and while not every disease can be “cured” by just food and lifestyle changes, these changes I am making contribute to healing, they promote my health and wellness.

No, I can’t have refined sugars, gluten or soy again and probably no dairy or nightshades either, it’s cool with me so it should be cool with you. Yes, I am going to bed at 9:30 pm on the weekend because I need more rest, and so do you, go to bed! I can’t be as careless anymore and I know that sounds boring and restrictive, but dammit I have never felt better and that is priceless.  Health is so important and it’s never been more apparent than it is now.  I was the queen of staying up late, saying yes to everything, worrying constantly, smoking, drinking casually, and eating bread and sugar like it was my job and I was a mess, I just didn’t realize it.

I am happier in this new lifestyle, and not in a weird Scientology/Cross-Fit cult way ;).  I hope you’re feeling good and empowered in the new year and if not I hope you find your way there, thanks for reading, until next time!




This Week I Tried…January 3rd Edition

I really screwed the pooch this past month and didn’t post anything and now I have a back log of recipes I’ve tried that I haven’t shared with you!  I know, you’re super sad and disappointed, right?!

That said, I hope you all had an amazing holiday break (if you got one) and enjoyed time with family (if you like them).  I know I did and I was even able to eat AIP or Paleo while back in frigid Indiana (thanks for the grocery buying mom).  Below is a smattering of recipes and snacks I’ve tried in the last month, and it’s A LOT, so I am apologizing in advance if you’re reading all of this.

Hope you get some helpful info from my critiques below, enjoy!!



Cost: $5 – $72

Rating (1-10): 9

Review: These cookies are AIP and so delicious they are just as good if not better than standard gingerbread cookies.  I am featuring them next to the Paleo chocolate chip cookies I made in the last post, which are maybe the best cookies I’ve ever made, yes, even better than standard chocolate chip cookies.

Notes: $5 – $72, I know that price tag looks crazy but it’s ONLY if you are starting from scratch with these ingredients (which will have multiple uses and last a long time).  I only spent $5 for oranges and cream of tartar.  If you are starting from scratch try finding some other recipes that call for these ingredients so you get more bang for you buck.



Cost: $15 

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: Eric got me a juicer for Christmas and I am LOVING it, I’ve used it almost everyday since I got it.  I don’t have a specific recipe but I usually throw beets, carrots, ginger, lemon, green apple, mint, kale, and spinach into the mix.  It’s good to get more veggies into my system in the morning, I was slacking in that area.

Notes: $15 depending on the ingredients you want to include in your juice, that $15 haul gets me roughly 4 – 6 juices (way cheaper than your local juicery), I recommend Trader Joes for all the organic fruits and veggies!


SNACKS, ShopAIP link here!

Cost: $? (Depends on what you buy, any order over $50 gets free shipping, that’s what I did)

Rating (1-10): 10

Review: I am so glad I started following all of the wonderful people in the AIP community on Instagram and Facebook, they’ve provided me with what feels like unlimited resources for maintaining an AIP/Paleo lifestyle.  ShopAIP is one of those resources.  They stock AIP compliant ingredients and most importantly, ready-made snacks!  This was a life saver for my trip back home, I would not have survived the flights without these snacks.  They also ship SUPER fast, I ordered on a Friday and had everything by Monday!  That could also be because they are based in California, regardless they are quick.

I loved all of these treats except the Dang coconut chips and Kiwa Beetroot chips, that said they are meant to be a healthier snack and will satiate your hunger, but they weren’t my favorites.

Notes: ShopAIP has a whole slew of snacks, ingredients, etc. not just what I’ve listed below.  Now anyone almost anywhere can get access to quality ingredients for a healing diet through sites like these.  There are no excuses! There are also great compliant meat providers (who ship) in Butcher Box, U.S. Wellness Meats, and all other ingredients via Thrive Market.  Thrive Market is a great deal if you plan on buying a lot of ingredients!



Cost: $47

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: A Clean Plate has some awesome recipes and I highly recommend browsing their site.  While this wasn’t my favorite recipe it was delicious and lasted me quite awhile.  If you’re missing Panda Express, this will hit the spot for the fast food fix ;).

Notes: $47 for a 4-5 meals, you’ll only need one can of water chestnuts (I find out the hard way for you).  Make sure the can is BPA-free.


CHICKEN POT PIE SOUP, recipe here!

Photo cred: A Clean Plate (sorry I was lazy)

Cost: $22 – $40

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: This soup is so creamy and delicious!  It is especially good for the winter months.  I’ve made it twice in the last month, once when I had a cold, and it is just the cure for what ails you.

Notes: $22 – $40 depending on what ingredients you have, I recommend adding peas (if you can have or like them), they give the soup an added yummy factor!



Cost: $5 – $8 (per product)

Rating (1-10): 10 (for crackers and cookies) 7 (for artisan bread)

Review: I’ve seen Simple Mills touted by the AIP Blogger Unbound Wellness and finally picked up a few of their products and I am SO glad I did.  While the crackers have sunflower oil in them (Paleo proceed with caution) all of the other products are pretty much Paleo!  I loved the cookies (too much), crackers, and the bread was OK (Paleo bread has been failing me).  I am excited to try their pumpkin muffins and the vanilla/chocolate cupcakes!  They also have frosting which I might have to try for my birthday :).

Notes: $5-8 per product (depending on the product), only some Whole Foods carry these products and not necessarily all of them (i.e. frosting or vanilla/chocolate cupcake mixes).  That said you can order them online!



Cost: $5

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I have always loved sauteed mushrooms and I can use the same recipe from my standard diet!  A package of slices white mushrooms, olive oil, and salt & pepper (omit pepper for AIP).

Notes: $5 for mushrooms at 2 meals!


CRISPY ORANGE PORK, recipe here!

Photo cred: Real Everything (sorry I was lazy)

Cost: $40 – $62

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: For the price I would say this recipe is just so-so and is still a little too heavy for me.  That said, it was pretty delicious and I would encourage you to at least try it!

Notes: $40 – $62 and that really depends on the ingredients you already have (as usual I am a broken record). The cassava flour is pretty expensive, but it will last you awhile.



Photo cred: Paleo Mom (sorry I was lazy)

Cost: $12

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: This was a perfect side dish to the crispy orange pork and a tasty (healthier) alternative to white rice.

Notes: $12 for everything and gets you a side dish for 2 meals, if you need to buy coconut oil the price will go up a bit, but if you’ve been on AIP awhile you will have this handy (I did not use tallow, it’s pricey but has more flavor). Trader Joes and Whole Foods have cauliflower that is already riced!



Photo cred: A Clean Plate (sorry I was lazy)

Cost: $20 – $40

Rating (1-10): 5

Review: I just don’t love fish, but I’ll keep eating it because I know it’s valuable to my health.  That doesn’t mean I am going to pretend to like it for y’all, OK!  It’s nothing against the recipe, but my taste buds alone are against it.  If you like cod this recipe is for you my friend.

Notes: $20 – $40  and gets you 3-4 meals!



Photo cred: Primal Palate (sorry I was lazy)

Cost: $2 – $5

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: This is an excellent side dish and SO cheap, which is not normally the case on AIP/Paleo, but it can be done!  This dish has a comforting feel to and is perfect as a fall/winter side dish.

Notes: $2 – $5 for a side dish at 2 -3 meals.

I am missing a few meals here I am sure, but I wanted to share what I could from my month hiatus of meals!  I hope your holidays were as good as mine and that you’re feeling recharged for the new year, I know I’m not ;).

Happy New Year!



This Week I Tried…December 4th Edition

I wasn’t such a good little blogger this past week, I forgot to take a whole slew of food pictures.  I had to pillage their professional counterparts, BUT I did get a picture of my paleo chocolate chip cookies and holy shiz they are good, I mean comparable to the real thing, unless I’ve forgotten what the real thing tastes like!

I also reintroduced nutmeg and pepper and all went well there, which is great.  I may have to rethink egg whites, I am suspicious that they’re causing me some issues.  I am going to take some time off from them and see how it goes.  I will also be trying to reintroduce white rice, which will be nice for sushi dinners but it should be eaten in extreme moderation.  Healing and nourishing the body is of utmost important, but you can’t forget to nourish the soul with some treats now and then (I may have taken it too far this week).



Cost: $25 – $41

Rating (1-10): 10

Review: I think this is hands down my favorite AIP recipe thus far, so good even for the “regular” folk.  The sweet/savory flavor in the pork is unbelievable and all of the toppings really accentuate the flavor experience. I highly recommend this recipe!

Notes: $25 – $41 depending on the ingredients you already have and if you want to double the recipe like I did. You will get two meals from this and four meals if you double it.  I also want to point out that Primal Palate has a ton of amazing recipes and they even sell their own line of delicious and sometimes AIP/always Paleo spices/seasonings. Check them out here!


Cost: $15 – $25

Rating (1-10): 9

Review: I love this salad, it’s got everything you could want, it’s delicious, nutritious, and easy to make!

Notes: $15 – $25 depending on the ingredients you have (specifically pricier ingredients like raw honey and avocado oil).  You get about two side salads from this recipe.



I did not take this picture because sometimes I am lazy and just want to eat! 😉

Cost: $35 – $50 (this depends on the ingredients you have) 

Rating (1-10): 4 for the cod, 7 for the sweet potato soldiers

Review: I have a hard time with fish, I know it’s good for me so I will keep eating it, but I don’t love it.  The cod was meh, I am not a big fan of cod (or fish).  The sweet potato soldiers were yummy and I highly recommend them.  You can also make your own Primal Palate garlic & herb seasoning if you don’t have time to wait for it to ship to you (I’m sure they sell it locally but I haven’t found, check out the recipe here!

Notes: If you don’t already have most of the required ingredients I wouldn’t waste your money on this recipe.  Keep eating fish though, it’s good for you (that was more for me than for you).



Photo cred: not me

Cost: $42

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I thought this stew was yummy, but like a lot of AIP stews it was a bit bland, I had to add salt.  I would recommend adding a bit of bone broth into this baby.  Also the ingredients did not all fit into my crock, put you might want to cut a quarter of each ingredient out.

Notes: $42 for a 4-5 meals, I shared with Eric though ;).



Photo cred: not me

Cost: $8 – $25

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: These were scrumptious! They do not taste at all like regular tater tots, but they are still delicious.  I made my nomato ketchup to pair up with these, but some might prefer a coconut-based faux aioli. Either way I suggest you try them!

Notes: $8 – $25 depending on if you have cassava flour, which is hella expensive. A one pound bag at Whole Foods is $17!  I am thinking of subscribing to Thrive Market (yearly subscription of $60) to get deals on specialty AIP foods and other organic ingredients.  Saving money in the long run, that’s what it’s about people!



Cost: $15 – $44 (depends on the ingredients)

Rating (1-10): 10

Review: I freaking loved these cookies!  It’s the first time I felt like I had a treat from my old diet.  Let me warn you though that the chocolate chips by Enjoy Life are dairy, nut, soy, and gluten free but they do have sugar so you MUST eat them in moderation, even naturally occurring sugars should be consumed sparingly.  If you can have chocolate and almonds please make these!  I substituted ghee for coconut oil as an fyi.

Notes: $15 – $44 depending on the ingredients you have.  That said, if you decide to make these and buy all new ingredients you’ll get a whole lot of use out of them I promise you that!



Oh Lord I wish my pancakes turned out like this!

Cost: $17 – $41.50 (depends on the ingredients)

Rating (1-10): 9

Review: I needed a pancake in my life and so did Eric!  They didn’t look as pretty as the picture above but they hit the spot and were really good.  I enjoyed them with a maple & sage sausage patty and earl grey tea (on the weekends I add honey to my tea, I’m so bad) ;).  It is pricey if you don’t have all of the ingredients, but I want to stress that once you buy most of these it will be awhile until you have to do it again.  I don’t recommend making sweet treats too often.

Notes: $17 – $41.50 will get you roughly 10 pancakes!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you’re able to enjoy some of these recipes and find something that tastes delicious, even if you don’t do AIP or have an autoimmune disease.  Until next time!



This Week I Tried…(Thanksgiving Special) Week of November 27th

This past week of food was a fun one because it was…Thanksgiving!  Some of my creations were awesome and others were just so-so but I successfully had a Paleo Thanksgiving. Eric and I hosted his parents and they’ve all been wonderful and were totally open to trying a modified holiday dinner.  I tried to get all of the appropriate reintroductions in before the holiday to make sure I could have everything I absolutely wanted at the feast.

I was lucky enough to spend the day with loved ones even if I was so far away from my family back in Indiana (shout out to Missouri & Orange County).  Check out what we had!


Cost: $30

Rating (1-10): 2

Review: I tried my best to modify my mom’s stuffing recipe with paleo bread, but some things are not meant to be.  Stuffing is one of those things that need the real thing in order to taste authentic.  It wasn’t terrible, but if you want that REAL stuffing taste, you won’t find it here. The bread recipe on it’s own was not bad at all, check it out here!


Cost: $20

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: By design there is not an AIP version of green bean casserole (green beans are a no-no), but there is a paleo version and it was fantastic!  I am shocked at how close to the real thing this was without any cream, butter, or fried onions!  The onions were caramelized and the sauce came from parsnips and nutritional yeast!  I highly recommend this for any paleo go-ers who miss green bean casserole.

SWEET POTATO MASH, recipe here!

Cost: $4

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: While no substitute for regular mashed potatoes this dish was really good and a nice sweet side to the meal!

PALEO DINNER ROLLS, recipe here!

Cost: $5 – $25 (depending on the ingredients you have)

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: These were delicious and a solid choice if you go the paleo route, I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, but eggs make the world of difference in baking.  If you can successfully reintroduce them it’s a life saver.  They would be best with a jam or jelly, I made an awesome AIP fig jam awhile back that would be awesome with these.  They’re a bit bland/dry with just ghee butter.


Cost: $20 – $35 (depending on the ingredients you have)

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I liked these, but they weren’t my favorite AIP/Paleo cookies, plus organic almond butter is SO expensive.  I wouldn’t recommend baking these a lot, it could get very pricey, you basically use a whole jar of the almond butter.  That said they were yummy and everyone seemed to enjoy them, for special occasions only!

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, recipe here!

Yes, I forgot to take my own picture before we started eating!  I was too excited!

Cost: $18 – $25 (depending on the ingredients you have)

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: This little dessert was SO good, I love chocolate mousse so much and it was nice to have a treat that brought me back to the “old days” for a moment.  I highly recommend them but I would advise you to pay attention the kind of chocolate you are buying.

Honorable mention goes out to my guy Eric for purchasing an amazing turkey from Bludso’s (pic below), so good!  He knew how much I was going to be cooking so it made it much easier to get everything ready (thanks ;). Also, a big thanks to Trish and Alan for the wonderful apps and awesome gifts they brought us, they will be put to good use. <3

Next up is Christmas, should be interesting back in the homeland, until next time!





The AIP Product Swap

AIP is big on diet, but also big on lifestyle changes overall, which includes the products you use everyday.  Makeup, hair, and cleaning products, etc. are a hot bed for toxins that can affect your healing.

Again, switching out products can be expensive, I’ve done a slow progression of weeding out old chemical-filled products with natural and organic products, I also try to do paleo only products if I can find them (note that paleo makeup isn’t the greatest as far as the way it looks and it’s pricey, some are better than others).  I usually wait until I am finished with an existing product before swapping, unless I feel it needs to hit the bricks immediately like my body wash, moisturizer, and foundation.

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a great site for checking out the toxicity in your products and/or looking for better products, find them here!

They use a rating system for each of the chemicals in your products and include a list of EWG certified products which have their seal of approval. There are somewhat obvious chemicals that are bad for everyone, but for people with AI diseases you need to be especially aware of immune and hormone disruptors as well, most people don’t look out for this.

I have found some great products and some that are pretty meh, but I can rest easy knowing my body will thank me for them.  That said, I am still in the process of finding the right products for me, so you don’t HAVE to suffer with crappy makeup, but it may take time to find your favorites!

Check out my latest finds!

Brand: Mineral Fusion Foundation (EWG Certified)

Cost: $33

Rating: 7

Notes: This costs as much or less than your Sephora stocked products and goes on pretty much the same as regular foundation.  I admit I do have to blend a bit more and I am no a makeup aficionado.  I do want to test a few more options, but this is great as far as toxin-free makeups go. Buy it at Whole Foods or directly through the site!


Brand: Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara (EWG Certified)

Cost: $18

Rating: 7

Notes: Same as above, I honestly don’t love it as much as my Cover Girl Volumizing Mascara, but it does the job and no one but me would notice! Buy it at Whole Foods or directly through their site!


Brand: Primal Life Organics Cheek Stain (Paleo)

Cost: $24

Rating: 6

Notes: The site Phoenix Helix (by Eileen Laird) was what led me to Primal Life Organics, many people in the AIP community use their products.  I’ll be honest, these products are as advertised, absolutely primal.  They do not work the same way conventional makeups work, but the cheek stain works pretty well.  I use it dry but they recommend wet (I didn’t like the result). I use the hibiscus coral color, it’s not too pink which I like! Buy it at Primal Life Organics.


Brand: Primal Life Organics Concealer (Paleo)

Cost: $18

Rating: 3

Notes: I have to admit, Primal Life Organics concealer is awful, but I am sticking it out until I am through with it.  If you rely on concealer I would recommend finding another brand, I will be searching in the weeks to come.  It’s fine for the time being, but I wouldn’t encourage you to buy this product, especially for the price, although I do know the ingredients are quality. Buy it at Primal Life Organics.

Side Note:  I also received a sample of Primal Life Organic’s tooth powder as a free gift with my conealer/cheek stain and, while I am sure it is great and healthy, I did not feel as if my teeth were properly cleaned.  That said, I think everyone should give products their own try and not take my word for it, that is if the products are safe!


Brand: Acure Mint Shampoo/Conditioner (Low on EWG Toxicity)

Cost: $8 – $10/per bottle

Rating: 8

Notes: I’ve been using the same bottles/tubes for the last 2 months and I am still not out.  a little goes a long way and works just as well as my chemical filled shampoo/conditioners.  I try to avoid anything with faux fragrances in them :). Buy it at Target, Whole Foods, or Amazon.


Brand: Dr. Bronners Castile Soap, Shave Soap, & Toothpaste

Cost: $12/body wash, $8 shave soap, $7 toothpaste

Rating: 7

Notes: I am not too picky when it comes to body wash and shaving, Dr. Bronners is great and is used by many.  Do take note that their organic status changes from product-to-product.  I plan on switching to another toothpaste soon as the ingredients are only 70% natural.  I am working towards all-natural and fluoride-FREE.  Fluoride is especially problematic for those with autoimmune diseases. Buy it at Whole Foods and Amazon.


Brand: Andalou Lavender & Thyme Lotion and Rose Hip Facial Moisturizer

Cost: $12/lotion & $14/moisturizer

Rating: 8

Notes: While I love both of these products and they are LOW on the EWG rating, they may not be the best I can use on my skin.  That said if you’re just looking to lessen your toxic intake, these are great! Whole Foods or Amazon!


Brand: Primal Pit Paste, Lavender Deodorant

Cost: $8

Rating: 6

Notes: Natural deodorants do not contain aluminum (for starters), don’t be fooled by Tom’s, they are “natural” in the conventional sense only and do contain aluminum.  That said actual paleo/natural deodorant is hard to put on and you will likely stink by the end of the day.  That said, if you reapply throughout the day you should be good.  The natural lavender scent is great, and keeps the smellies at bay ;). I bought this through Amazon but you can buy at Whole Foods as well.


Brand: Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner,  Lavender Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap and Dishwasher Detergent

Cost: $5  – $10

Rating: 7

Notes: The EWG rating on Seventh Generation products is very low and I do not use them that often (except for the detergents/dish soap).  Powdered laundry detergent is, admittedly, safer but I use liquid.  All around I feel there is no difference between these products and conventional products and they do not leave a terrible/chemically smell in your house.  You can find these products online or at Whole Foods.


Brand: Honest Company Mandarin Hand Soap

Cost: $8

Rating: 7

Notes: I actually don’t know the EWG rating on this product, but The Honest Company is pretty great regardless, maybe not perfect, but worth it.  I wanted lavender (because I am obsessed with lavender) but they are always out it, guess I am not the only one.  This another one you can buy directly through the site, Amazon, or Whole Foods.

This Week I Tried…November 13th Edition

The AIP community is centered around positivity, which I love, being negative isn’t going to change/help anything, but one thing I feel is missing is conversation and discourse.  Many AIP leaders talk about road blocks, journeys, trouble shooting, and share success stories, but I don’t hear enough from the community as whole, both positive and negative.

The reason I bring this up is because I had my endo check in today and my TSH levels are higher, jumping up a full point +.  It is still in the normal range, but for most people your TSH levels should/would not vacillate drastically. Of course, there are so many reasons this can be the case and AIP has been a big help overall, but it’s disappointing that my labs are worse and not better.  Listen, I know I am getting ahead of myself, I usually do, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, I’ve worked so hard. Discouragement is easy when you haven’t had Italian food in three months ;).

Again, I have to go with how I feel, and the diet makes me feel better, but I also need to start trouble shooting to see if I can stop this attack on my tender little thyroid!  It’s going to be a frustrating process and I suppose I should saddle up.

As much as I want to share positivity and encouragement I also want you to know you’re allowed to be angry/sad from time to time. It isn’t easy trying to navigate “alternative” healing, but when the other choice is a hit or miss medication that doesn’t fix anything, it’s certainly worth figuring it out.

All that said I did have some delicious meals this week that I am going to share with you, yay!


Cost: $30 – $50

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: This was actually better the next day, it was a bit tasteless and watery straight out of the pot.  I would recommend starting with the slow cooker version, those seem to have the most flavor!  Overall it was good, I threw it on a bed of kale and added extra pink sea salt.

Notes: $30 – $50 for a 3-4 meals and depends on what ingredients you have, I usually have coconut aminos, fish sauce, and honey around but if you don’t it makes this recipe a bit pricier.  That said you can always make recipes for what you do have in your pantry/refrigerator to make everything more cost efficient.


Cost: $5

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: These we’re tasty and easy to make, I used about 1 1/4 bags of organic spinach from Trader Joes.  I would also get two limes for this recipe, just in case.  It was nice to have a snack that was both nutrient dense and convenient.

Notes: $5 for a snack that will get you through a couple of days, it unlikely you can have TOO many leafy greens, so enjoy!



Yeah I couldn’t wait to eat this, hence the pic…patience is a virtue!

Cost: $12 – $25

Rating (1-10): 9

Review: This was easy to make and so flavorful!  I had never done a spatchcocked chicken but it’s definitely a good life hack for cooking chicken faster.  That said I hope you don’t have any issue with cracking some bones because this requires that you cut the backbone out of your whole chicken and piercing its sternum (you can use it for a bone broth later that week).  Luckily I am fascinated with anatomy and it didn’t bother me too much ;).

Notes: $12 – $25 for 4 meals, again it depends on the ingredients and/or quality of chicken you can buy, but you get A LOT of bang for your buck on this one.  While it takes around 45 minutes to cook, the prep time is around 15-20 minutes which is considerably less time than most AIP meals. I highly recommend you try it.


Cost: $12

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: I have to say I didn’t hate this recipe, I thought I was going to have to choke this liver down but I actually enjoyed eating it.  Having the apples and garlic/rosemary really helped with the liver flavor.  I have not been eating enough organ meats on AIP and I am trying to get back in the groove.

Notes: $12 for a pound of liver and the additional ingredients, organ meats are relatively cheap, even the grass-fed pastured versions!

WINE AND CHOCOLATE (reintroductions)

Oh what joy!  This week I added back in two of my favorites and so far so good.  I usually go for the reds when I drink wine, but a dry white was recommended so I went for the only white I like, sauvignon blanc.  No symptoms and it was so wonderfully delicious.



The second introduction this past week was chocolate, whoop whoop!  Instead of trying to track down a brand I could eat I made my own and it was really easy.  Organic cocoa powder, coconut oil, vanilla extract, honey and voila!  I also added some sea salt to mine, I love salty and sweet together!  Recipe, here!

In regards to my opening, today is one day of (hopefully) many more to come, I can’t let it derail me from answers and healing.  Have a good week, only one more full week until the holiday, and damn do we need it!




This Week I Tried…November 6th Edition

This week I avoided Reeses and Snickers, which is a staple for me almost every Halloween.  My mom still likes to send my brothers and I a care package filled with ALL of the goods, even though we’re in our 30s, but you know candy is good at any age, am I right?!  I asked my mom to resist the urge to send me candy this year, and she did (thank you mom).  That didn’t stop here from sending traditional festive socks and decorations so I could still get in the spirit without the treats.

This week was not a home run in the food department, but I am well-fed and that in and of itself means I am lucky.  The fact that I am even able to do this diet is a privilege. I know a lot of these AIP sites tell you there are ways to get deals and discounts, but I know that takes time and time is already so limited in our lives add in work and a family and what’s left? It is also, even with deals/sourcing/discounts, not cheap.

I would still encourage those with an autoimmune disease to try this diet/lifestyle and remember to take it one day at time, I have to remind myself of that constantly.  I won’t solve my disease in a month, even thought I want to, I, like so many want everything to have a concrete answer and plan, but it just doesn’t work that way.  This is a journey that will have many missteps, pitfalls, and stops along the way to healing and we cannot do it alone.

Have I sufficiently gone off the rails?  I tend to do that, what I am trying to say is that it takes awhile and you need a good support system.  You need people who will encourage you along the way and not bring negativity/toxicity to your healing, it’s just as important that you surround yourself with good/positive people as it is to feed your body with good/healthy foods. I hope that you have that and if you don’t, hey I am happy to start the circle!

Without further ado, here’s what I ate this week!

AIP PIZZA, recipe here!

Cost: $15 – $45

Rating (1-10): 4

Review: I am a pizza purest and AIP pizza doesn’t not hold up, crusts and breads made the AIP way are not good.  Don’t let anyone fool you, beef gelatin as a solidifier is not a true replacement for eggs.  If you don’t eat this expecting it to taste like pizza it’s actually alright and better the next day.

Notes: $15 – $45 for 3-4 meals and the cost depends on the ingredients you have like the beef gelatin which is about $25 (but lasts for forever and you’ll use it a lot).  I recommend trying other pizza recipes, I am determined to find one that works, but I may have to wait until I can go the paleo route. Also, I ate this with a side of roasted asparagus, the picture was blurry, I failed. 😉


Cost: $3

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: Okay, so I definitely didn’t reinvent the wheel with this one, but it was nice to switch up regular water for some cucumber/mint water.  I just threw in some leftovers and had a nice refreshing drink with my meal.

Notes: $3 for the ingredients, if you want to use them strictly for cucumber/mint water you would be set for a week.



Cost: $12

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: This is a recipe I threw together with leftover foods I had in the refrigerator.  I cooked up a couple of 100% grass-fed ground beef patties (Trader Joe’s), threw them on a bed of kale, sprinkled with leftover red onion and nomato ketchup.  Easy and delicious!

Notes: $12 for roughly 2 meals, I got one meal from this but I only used 3/4 pound of meat, the other 1/4 went to the AIP pizza.  The nomato ketchup I had from the week before and an onion/kale from a previous meal.



Cost: $30 – $45

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: This meal was easy and satisfying, tilapia is a cheaper fish which makes it more accessible to everyone.  I loved all of the different flavors in the fish and the side dish of apples/beets.

Notes: $30 – $45 for a 3 meals depending on the ingredients you already have!


BEST DAMN STEW EVER, recipe here!

Cost: $50

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: This stew is nice and hearty, but does take some considerable prep/cook time.  I spent roughly 1.5 hours on this and the result was not THE best damn stew, but good stew.  I consider having to omit two of my favorite ingredients, worcestershire and peas, to the stew’s rating!  Hopefully peas will be back in my life soon, but until then they’re out!

Notes: $50 for 4 meals and somewhat worth it, like I said in my previous post, stews aren’t my best or favorite work.  They’re often labor intensive and not as satisfying as other meals.  That said you get a lot of meals/snacks out of stew and they’re worth it in that arena!



Cost: $4.69

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I love this tea and it is caffeine free, it helps stave off hunger pangs between meals and has a nice little kick to it.  I usually put a bit of raw honey in to sweeten it up, but I have to be careful with the sweet stuff.  I find this tea at Whole Foods, when buying teas remember to buy organic and to look at the ingredients (no preservatives, filler, or AIP NO-list ingredients).

Notes: $4.69 for 20 tea bags and you’re set for awhile!


AIP BANANA BREAD, recipe here!

Cost: $5 – $31

Rating (1-10): 9

Review: Lucky for me I had all of the ingredients lying around to make these bad boys and I needed something to attempt a reintroduction of ghee butter (see below).  This recipe does not create traditional banana bread but it is still yummy all the same.  I am going to try to bake it more traditionally next time and see how I do, but the batter and end result are pretty divine!

Notes: $5 – $31 depending on the ingredients you already have around the house, again if you’ve been doing AIP for a bit you will likely have most of these ingredients.



Cost: $14

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I reintroduced ghee butter in anticipation for Thanksgiving, and so far so good.  I haven’t had any reactions and it’s nice to have butter back in my life.  Ghee butter should be 100% grass-fed, is clarified, and lactose free.  To boil it down, ghee is healthier for you than traditional butters.

Notes: $14 is pretty hefty for butter, but you’re not supposed to have it daily so it should last you quite awhile and is not to be refrigerated.



La Vie has a small probiotic stand at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market where you can pick yourself up some beet kvass!  I had a sample of all of their flavors including the traditional beet kvass.  Kvass, saurkraut, kombucha, and kefir are just some of the fermented foods that are wonderful for healing the gut on AIP.  I don’t get enough fermented foods so I was excited to try this beet kvass with apple and ginger, cleverly named “Root Awakening”.  They are located next to the crepe stand, which smells awesome even if you can’t actually eat one.

I had a lot of old faithfuls this past week and I didn’t want to bore you with repeats, more to share in the coming weeks.  I am especially excited to showcase my Thanksgiving feast!


I hope you all have a good week, until next time!



This Week I Tried…October 30th Edition

This week I tried some old recipes, some new favorite recipes, and some new new recipes! I also bought a pound of grass-fed beef liver at the Farmer’s Market and have not had the courage to cook it yet, I just don’t like it.  But as I’ve mentioned, and as all AIP followers will tell you, organ meats are essential on this diet.

I’m working on it!  As sugar and gluten-filled bread’s biggest fan switching to meats and veggies has been hard enough without having to incorporate foods I could have gone my whole life without ever tasting.

For health’s sake you sometimes have to change your perspective on food rather than try to mold the food to your perspective.  Food was always my escape, whether I was trying a new restaurant, mowing down on some late night pizza, or baking delicious treats for friends (and myself, who am I kidding).  Food was a central part of my social world, as it is for so many.

That’s not to say that I can’t enjoy foods now, but it plays a different role in my life then it did before.  It’s secondary in social settings, it’s my fuel rather than my fire, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down?

I do want to make one thing clear, this diet is not about losing weight or body image (although I do hope you feel good about your body because its beautiful as is).  This diet is about healing and feeling good and I will attest to those two things only!

Okay, onto the fun stuff, here’s what I had this week!



Cost: $10

Rating (1-10): 1

Review: Sometimes my bone broth is a 7 and sometimes it’s like this week’s broth, BAD!  That said, what makes an edible bone broth is good veggies and spices.

Notes: $10 and you get bone broth for multiple meals, you can usually save the bones for one additional batch as well.  Marrow, joint, and knuckle bones are best!   I usually throw leftover carrots, celery, onion, rosemary, thyme, salt, and a bay leaf in with the bones and water.  Pressure cook in the Instant Pot for 3 hours ;).


Cost: $15 (if you already have the maple syrup)

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: These are my go-to breakfast protein, I usually pair with strawberries and tea, occasionally I’ll throw a mug of bone broth into the breakfast routine as well.  I am not a big breakfast eater so I keep it simple.

Notes: $15 for 9 patties, this gets you the most bang for your buck.  I freeze these babies and throw them in the microwave each morning and voila, breakfast!



Cost: $37 (only if you need to buy all new ingredients otherwise it’s roughly $25) 

Rating (1-10): 9 

Review: Clearly I didn’t take this picture, I forgot, but I had to share because this is one of my favorite AIP recipes and it’s so delicious.  It has so much flavor, it may not match the spiciness of traditional curry, but it hits the spot.  I also keep the AIP garlic mayo for homemade sweet potato fries later in the week.

Notes: $37 for 4 meals is not bad and it’s even cheaper if you have the coconut manna (butter) and spices on hand, which if you’ve done AIP even for two weeks you likely will.  I usually double the recipe to have enough for each meal (which is also factored into the cost).  For the shredded chicken check out the recipe here! This will get you two pounds of shredded chicken enough for a doubled curried chicken salad recipe.

I also did not take a photo of my cinnamon-sage spiced butternut squash, but I use this recipe here!  It calls for delicata squash, but delicata is only really available right now in the fall, so I use butternut.  I buy already cubed organic butternut squash because I loathe cutting squash, but it’s cheaper to buy the squash as is and cut it yourself ;).



Cost: $30

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I clearly didn’t take this picture, again, I forgot.  Eric has been good about reminding me, but when he’s not around it goes right out the window, I blame hanger. My stir-fry creation comes out looking more like a stew but it is still delicious.  The mix of coconut aminos, honey, apple cider vinegar, and homemade bone broth give this a uniquely sweet/savory taste.

Notes: $30 for a 4 meals and it’s even cheaper if you already have the coconut aminos and honey! I have the deli thin slice the meat, you can sometimes find quality meat already sliced but I haven’t had any luck thus far.  I use broccoli, carrots, and parsnips for my veggies (roughly 4 carrots, 2 parsnips, and 2-3 bunches of broccoli).   I paired this with sweet potato rounds, because I can’t get enough of them (it’s the sweet of the AIP world).



Cost: $57

Rating (1-10): 5

Review: Yes, clearly I took this picture!  I was not a fan of this one, it is also much too large a recipe for my 6 quart InstaPot, I would recommend halving the recipe if you have a smaller InstaPot.  You can also cook it in a conventional stew pot.  That said, this one was not worth the price, even if you can get 4-6 meals out of it.  I thought the taste was meh, but that could also be the way I made it.  Again, this is my personal opinion, I recommend you try ALL of the recipes you can.

Notes: $57 for 4-6 meals and, as I mentioned above, not worth the money.  Stews have been hit or miss for me on this protocol, but when they’re good you have food for days and can even freeze them for months.  I do recommend trying all of the stews you can, they are good to have around.



Cost: $15

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I am not a salad girl, I just don’t get satisfaction from them, I never have!  I do, however, have to give this one props for being easy and refreshing.  I would never go as far as to say it was “filling” but it was a good side to the stew above and easy to make!

Notes: $15 for a side salad for 2-3 meals, although it will likely be cheaper if you have some of the ingredients already.



Cost: $25

Rating (1-10): 9

Review: Yet another image I failed to capture, but I will say this meal comes out the closest to looking like the picture than any other.  I love this meal and have made it a few times, it also makes a whole helluva lot of tuna salad.  It’s so crisp and flavorful, it’s good even if you aren’t a tuna fan like me.

Notes: $25 for 3-4 meals and you can eat it without the endive heads if you like, the only organic endives I’ve found are at Whole Foods.

I want to mention the dirty dozen and clean 15 list here, it will help when you’re shopping on a budget.  Some fruits and veggies can be bought conventional and this list will help to guide you.



I wanted to quickly mention one of my favorite snacks that are way too pricey!  You could bake/dehydrate your own green apples, but if you’re lazy/busy like me these are great on the fly.  Amazon has them cheaper but I pick them up at Whole Foods for about $4.69/each.



I bought eggs y’all! These are from my favorite little Mar Vista Farmer’s Market in our neighborhood, open on Sundays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Omma’s Garden eggs say free-range but they are also pastured, soy-free, non-GMO, etc. and if you don’t know the difference, check out more info here! Eggs are a NO on AIP but are usually fairly easy to integrate back in, that is to say the YOLK is easy to reintroduce. I know that seems counter to popular culture, egg whites are supposed to be more healthy!  Not so for those of us with autoimmune diseases, egg whites hold a bevy of inflammatory qualities, normally good for a healthy person (within reason).

I waited 60 days to start reintroductions and decided it was time, everyone is different, go at your own pace. I went ahead and followed the reintroduction protocol and hard boiled these babies in order to isolate the yolk for testing.  It seems like I am in the clear, phew, here’s hoping egg whites make the cut in phase III.

The Paleo Mom, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne has a great FREE pdf download of the reintroduction process.  I would recommend checking this out if/when you get to this point, it’s super helpful


I also splurged and bought an overpriced organic juice at the Farmer’s Market as well, it was delicious and Sundays are for indulging and binging television, right?

Tomorrow I am going to reintroduce almonds, there are so many great recipes with almonds and almond flours and with Thanksgiving around the corner I want/need to have all of the ingredients I can get.  Wine and chocolate are up next and just in time for family gatherings, it will be necessary.

Have a good week!



This Week I Tried…October 23rd Edition

I’m pretty bad at remembering to take pictures of my food (not very hipster of me). I succeeded some days and failed miserably on other days, I’ll try to be better so I can share my ups an downs with AIP.

Food bloggers create beautiful art of their meals but we all know that takes time and experience and usually our own recreations come out looking like garbage.  That’s not what matters, what matters is that the food tastes good and I am here to tell you just that, in my humble opinion at least. I’ll share my amateur foodagrahs along with the corresponding recipes and roughly what it cost to make each meal.


Cost: $32

Rating (1-10): 5

Review: I don’t LOVE fish which is why it has a low rating, but fish is SO good for you, the salsa helps a lot.

Notes: $32 for a 3-4 meals (unless you need to buy the ground ginger, garlic powder, or coconut oil (these three (3) ingredients come up a lot so you should have them around).  The first set of groceries you buy is going to be your most expensive, but it get’s better.


So I forgot to take a picture of the chicken meatballs, but I got the BBQ sauce.  This BBQ sauce has NO tomatoes, you heard that right, tomatoes are a NO on AIP as they’re highly inflammatory (normally really good for a healthy person).

Cost: $34

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: These were so delicious, not a favorite but super filling and easy to make.   This wasn’t too time consuming, as many AIP recipes can be.  I recommend prepping as much as possible for meals before cooking them.  I am still working on that.

Notes: $34 for a 4 meals, this recipe has some small pricier ingredients (maple syrup grade B and smoked sea salt) that will end up lasting you for a long time.  It’s not as pricey as it seems at face value as you’ll get a lot of use out of them in other meals. Also, I do have vegetables at every meal, I had baked sweet potato rounds with sea salt and cinnamon (2 sliced sweet potatoes, toss in 1 tbsp of melted coconut oil, line a baking sheet in aluminum foil or parchment paper, lay out sweet potatoes, sprinkle with cinnamon and sea salt, bake at 350 for 15 minutes, flip over, bake for an additional 15 minutes, and they should be ready).  They’re not crisp more soft, but delicious! I rate them a 9 ;).


HAMBURGERS w/ NOMATO KETCHUP & ONIONS on LETTUCE WRAP, nomato ketchup recipe here!

Cost: $27 (unless you need to buy any of the regular AIP spices brand new) 

Rating (1-10): 9 for the burger, 10 for nomato ketchup 

Review: Nothing beats a hamburger and this nomato ketchup is so close to the real thing. I didn’t think it was possible (and I LOVE ketchup), it’s a tad sweeter than normal ketchup but so good. Yes, I miss the bun but I miss other breads more.   That said the cravings subside and it get’s better with time.

Notes: $27 for a 4 meals, I buy 100% grass-fed ground beef (Trader Joe’s has it for $6.99/lb) and add some garlic powder and salt into the mix.  Grill them in the cast iron skillet, you can usually get six (6) patties from 2lbs of the ground beef.  Refrigerate/freeze the leftovers for meals throughout the week. I also had sweet potato rounds with this because I could not find yuca (to make yuca fries) anywhere.  One of these days!


Cost: $30 cost is mostly due to newly bought balsamic vinegar (organic only) and maple syrup.

Rating (1-10): 10

Review: I was shocked that I loved this, if I am being honest while I never hated meat I could have lived without it, especially pork.  My dad is a farmer and I had my fill of pork growing up.  It is so flavorful due to the slow cook and sauce.

Notes: $30 for a 4 meals, I buy pastured pork roast (easiest to find this at the Farmer’e Market), since Amazon bought Whole Foods the meat quality has decreased. Remember to prepare this 8-10 hours before you want to eat, although super easy to put together (easier than most meals) it takes awhile.  Worth the wait! I ate this along with roasted asparagus (laid out on baking sheet, drizzled/rolled in olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and cook for roughly 25 minutes at 400 degrees)


Disclaimer regarding vitamins, these are not my recommendations, I wanted to share what I’ve been taking.

SELENIUM: I take selenium based on Izabella Wentz, PharmD’s personal research on Hashimoto’s here, there’s also other vitamin recommendations included here as well.

MAGNESIUM MALATE: The magnesium is a recommendation from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne/Paleo Mom and Autoimmune Wellness.

VITAMIN D: The vitamin D is because I spend a lot of time indoors but I will likely discontinue use soon.

Vitamins/supplements to come are Fermented Cod-Liver Oil because I don’t eat enough organ meats (I don’t like them) and a good Probiotic (this depends on the person and takes time to figure out) which are excellent for folks with autoimmune diseases, but again I would recommend consulting with a doctor for obvious reasons…I’m not a doctor. 😉