This Week I Tried…January 9th Edition

I was back into the swing of normal life this past week and tried some new and delicious recipes, plus it’s raining in the LA desert today and I was in a writing mood, so lucky you I wrote this post (OMG)!




Cost: $20 – $35

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I am still working on getting enough organ meats into my diet, but this little recipe is certainly helpful in that endeavor.  I shared an image of the cooking process and the end result which I enjoyed alongside some Simple Mills Rosemary & Sea Salt crackers.  It’s so good! Disclaimer: you should have successfully reintroduced cashews into your diet before attempting this recipe

Notes: $20 – $35 and you’ll have a snack for daaaaays!  Lasts for roughly 5 days in the refrigerator, freeze up to 3 months after that.  This recipe filled up a big piece of tupperware so you will have a lot.


Cost: $15 – $25

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: Again, salmon (see all fish), not for me, but this was probably one of the tastier salmon dishes I have had thus far.  I try to have at least one fish dish a week to get those omega-3’s!

Notes: $15 – $25 for 3-4 meals (if you’re like me and have to choke down salmon it will last you 4 meals, small bits only).  Side note: the sweet potato rounds are always bomb, eat those.

PALEO PAD THAI, recipe here!

Cost: $35 – $55

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I am a lady who loves her pad thai and all Thai foods (especially panang curry, I miss you panang).  Thai food is pretty much a no-no for paleo AIP folks, even with reintroductions, many many night shade spices that are hard on the body appear in Thai dishes.  I was thrilled to try this recipe (I substituted kelp noodles for squash noodles), it wasn’t really pad thai in the traditional sense but it was definitely yummy in its own unique way.  You need to go in with the expectation that the paleo or AIP versions of recipes will be good but different than the standard versions.

Notes: $35 – $55 for 4 meals, this one is pricier as it incorporates non-traditional ingredients so be prepared to pony up if you really want to make it. 🙂


Cost: $30 – $35

Rating (1-10): 6

Review: I normally love steak but when cooking with 100% grass fed beef you need more flavorings to offset the gamey taste and this recipe wasn’t doing it for me. I would go heavier on the spices if I make it again.  Also I recommend buying thicker asparagus as the thinner versions are a bit limp after cooking (but still delicious).

Notes: $30 – $35 for a 4 meals, I used a sirloin steak from the Belcampo Butcher Shop in Santa Monica (they also have an amazing restaurant and they can accommodate AIP).


Cost: $30 – $40

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I loved this recipe and it is 100% like the real thing, I actually used organic white jasmine rice, not cauliflower rice (white rice is actually recommended over brown rice in reintroductions).  White rice, however, should be eaten in extreme moderation (I am failing at that).  It’s OK not to be perfect though, I am far from it, last night I dreamt I ate 4 slices of pizza….I am sad about that…because I don’t remember what it tasted like ;).

Notes: $30 – $40 for a 4 meals and you’ll enjoy every last bit of it, if you like stir fry!


Cost: $5 – $20

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I have to admit that this one was a bit too sweet/thick for me, but very good otherwise.  I will have to try a lighter turmeric-based tea here soon.  Eric really liked it!

Notes: $5 – $20 for the ingredients, everything but the coconut milk should last you for quite a few rounds of making this recipe.


Cost: $4

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I love discovering easy treats/snacks on AIP/Paleo!  They can be hard to come by unless you shop ahead. I first saw these on Alaena Haber’s Grazed and Enthused Instagram stories and they were in the aisle at my local Whole Foods, so I had to try one out.  While they really don’t taste like caramel sea salt (they taste like coconut as many Paleo/AIP treats do), they were yummy! I want to try their dark chocolate and almond sea salt bars, I’ll let you know how they are after I pick one up and give it a go

Notes: $4 per bar/pack, so yes they’re pricey, but quality ingredients often are!

I want to start the new year strong and find a good medical team to help with any underlying issues that may be holding me back from healing.  So if you know of any good functional medicine doctors, nutritional therapy practitioners, acupuncturists, etc.  in the LA area please send them my way.  While endocrinologists are great at diagnosing, their knowledge of autoimmune diseases are pretty slim. Sure, Hashimoto’s affects the thyroid but the root cause is not in the thyroid, so your health cannot be put solely in their hands.

I started listening to the Phoenix Helix podcast run by Eileen Laird which is so very helpful and positive for the AI journey.  Eileen interviews a multitude of people in the AI community who have or specialize in many different AI conditions.  One point they all drive home is that there is no easy/quick fix and there are multiple aspects to healing, something to remember when we’re frustrated on this road.

I know this is a far cry from who I was just 6 months ago and for those of you in my life who do not have an autoimmune condition please understand that this is important to my health and it is very much helping.  Food is medicine and while not every disease can be “cured” by just food and lifestyle changes, these changes I am making contribute to healing, they promote my health and wellness.

No, I can’t have refined sugars, gluten or soy again and probably no dairy or nightshades either, it’s cool with me so it should be cool with you. Yes, I am going to bed at 9:30 pm on the weekend because I need more rest, and so do you, go to bed! I can’t be as careless anymore and I know that sounds boring and restrictive, but dammit I have never felt better and that is priceless.  Health is so important and it’s never been more apparent than it is now.  I was the queen of staying up late, saying yes to everything, worrying constantly, smoking, drinking casually, and eating bread and sugar like it was my job and I was a mess, I just didn’t realize it.

I am happier in this new lifestyle, and not in a weird Scientology/Cross-Fit cult way ;).  I hope you’re feeling good and empowered in the new year and if not I hope you find your way there, thanks for reading, until next time!




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