The AIP Product Swap

AIP is big on diet, but also big on lifestyle changes overall, which includes the products you use everyday.  Makeup, hair, and cleaning products, etc. are a hot bed for toxins that can affect your healing.

Again, switching out products can be expensive, I’ve done a slow progression of weeding out old chemical-filled products with natural and organic products, I also try to do paleo only products if I can find them (note that paleo makeup isn’t the greatest as far as the way it looks and it’s pricey, some are better than others).  I usually wait until I am finished with an existing product before swapping, unless I feel it needs to hit the bricks immediately like my body wash, moisturizer, and foundation.

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a great site for checking out the toxicity in your products and/or looking for better products, find them here!

They use a rating system for each of the chemicals in your products and include a list of EWG certified products which have their seal of approval. There are somewhat obvious chemicals that are bad for everyone, but for people with AI diseases you need to be especially aware of immune and hormone disruptors as well, most people don’t look out for this.

I have found some great products and some that are pretty meh, but I can rest easy knowing my body will thank me for them.  That said, I am still in the process of finding the right products for me, so you don’t HAVE to suffer with crappy makeup, but it may take time to find your favorites!

Check out my latest finds!

Brand: Mineral Fusion Foundation (EWG Certified)

Cost: $33

Rating: 7

Notes: This costs as much or less than your Sephora stocked products and goes on pretty much the same as regular foundation.  I admit I do have to blend a bit more and I am no a makeup aficionado.  I do want to test a few more options, but this is great as far as toxin-free makeups go. Buy it at Whole Foods or directly through the site!


Brand: Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara (EWG Certified)

Cost: $18

Rating: 7

Notes: Same as above, I honestly don’t love it as much as my Cover Girl Volumizing Mascara, but it does the job and no one but me would notice! Buy it at Whole Foods or directly through their site!


Brand: Primal Life Organics Cheek Stain (Paleo)

Cost: $24

Rating: 6

Notes: The site Phoenix Helix (by Eileen Laird) was what led me to Primal Life Organics, many people in the AIP community use their products.  I’ll be honest, these products are as advertised, absolutely primal.  They do not work the same way conventional makeups work, but the cheek stain works pretty well.  I use it dry but they recommend wet (I didn’t like the result). I use the hibiscus coral color, it’s not too pink which I like! Buy it at Primal Life Organics.


Brand: Primal Life Organics Concealer (Paleo)

Cost: $18

Rating: 3

Notes: I have to admit, Primal Life Organics concealer is awful, but I am sticking it out until I am through with it.  If you rely on concealer I would recommend finding another brand, I will be searching in the weeks to come.  It’s fine for the time being, but I wouldn’t encourage you to buy this product, especially for the price, although I do know the ingredients are quality. Buy it at Primal Life Organics.

Side Note:  I also received a sample of Primal Life Organic’s tooth powder as a free gift with my conealer/cheek stain and, while I am sure it is great and healthy, I did not feel as if my teeth were properly cleaned.  That said, I think everyone should give products their own try and not take my word for it, that is if the products are safe!


Brand: Acure Mint Shampoo/Conditioner (Low on EWG Toxicity)

Cost: $8 – $10/per bottle

Rating: 8

Notes: I’ve been using the same bottles/tubes for the last 2 months and I am still not out.  a little goes a long way and works just as well as my chemical filled shampoo/conditioners.  I try to avoid anything with faux fragrances in them :). Buy it at Target, Whole Foods, or Amazon.


Brand: Dr. Bronners Castile Soap, Shave Soap, & Toothpaste

Cost: $12/body wash, $8 shave soap, $7 toothpaste

Rating: 7

Notes: I am not too picky when it comes to body wash and shaving, Dr. Bronners is great and is used by many.  Do take note that their organic status changes from product-to-product.  I plan on switching to another toothpaste soon as the ingredients are only 70% natural.  I am working towards all-natural and fluoride-FREE.  Fluoride is especially problematic for those with autoimmune diseases. Buy it at Whole Foods and Amazon.


Brand: Andalou Lavender & Thyme Lotion and Rose Hip Facial Moisturizer

Cost: $12/lotion & $14/moisturizer

Rating: 8

Notes: While I love both of these products and they are LOW on the EWG rating, they may not be the best I can use on my skin.  That said if you’re just looking to lessen your toxic intake, these are great! Whole Foods or Amazon!


Brand: Primal Pit Paste, Lavender Deodorant

Cost: $8

Rating: 6

Notes: Natural deodorants do not contain aluminum (for starters), don’t be fooled by Tom’s, they are “natural” in the conventional sense only and do contain aluminum.  That said actual paleo/natural deodorant is hard to put on and you will likely stink by the end of the day.  That said, if you reapply throughout the day you should be good.  The natural lavender scent is great, and keeps the smellies at bay ;). I bought this through Amazon but you can buy at Whole Foods as well.


Brand: Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner,  Lavender Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap and Dishwasher Detergent

Cost: $5  – $10

Rating: 7

Notes: The EWG rating on Seventh Generation products is very low and I do not use them that often (except for the detergents/dish soap).  Powdered laundry detergent is, admittedly, safer but I use liquid.  All around I feel there is no difference between these products and conventional products and they do not leave a terrible/chemically smell in your house.  You can find these products online or at Whole Foods.


Brand: Honest Company Mandarin Hand Soap

Cost: $8

Rating: 7

Notes: I actually don’t know the EWG rating on this product, but The Honest Company is pretty great regardless, maybe not perfect, but worth it.  I wanted lavender (because I am obsessed with lavender) but they are always out it, guess I am not the only one.  This another one you can buy directly through the site, Amazon, or Whole Foods.

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