This Week I Tried…October 30th Edition

This week I tried some old recipes, some new favorite recipes, and some new new recipes! I also bought a pound of grass-fed beef liver at the Farmer’s Market and have not had the courage to cook it yet, I just don’t like it.  But as I’ve mentioned, and as all AIP followers will tell you, organ meats are essential on this diet.

I’m working on it!  As sugar and gluten-filled bread’s biggest fan switching to meats and veggies has been hard enough without having to incorporate foods I could have gone my whole life without ever tasting.

For health’s sake you sometimes have to change your perspective on food rather than try to mold the food to your perspective.  Food was always my escape, whether I was trying a new restaurant, mowing down on some late night pizza, or baking delicious treats for friends (and myself, who am I kidding).  Food was a central part of my social world, as it is for so many.

That’s not to say that I can’t enjoy foods now, but it plays a different role in my life then it did before.  It’s secondary in social settings, it’s my fuel rather than my fire, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down?

I do want to make one thing clear, this diet is not about losing weight or body image (although I do hope you feel good about your body because its beautiful as is).  This diet is about healing and feeling good and I will attest to those two things only!

Okay, onto the fun stuff, here’s what I had this week!



Cost: $10

Rating (1-10): 1

Review: Sometimes my bone broth is a 7 and sometimes it’s like this week’s broth, BAD!  That said, what makes an edible bone broth is good veggies and spices.

Notes: $10 and you get bone broth for multiple meals, you can usually save the bones for one additional batch as well.  Marrow, joint, and knuckle bones are best!   I usually throw leftover carrots, celery, onion, rosemary, thyme, salt, and a bay leaf in with the bones and water.  Pressure cook in the Instant Pot for 3 hours ;).


Cost: $15 (if you already have the maple syrup)

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: These are my go-to breakfast protein, I usually pair with strawberries and tea, occasionally I’ll throw a mug of bone broth into the breakfast routine as well.  I am not a big breakfast eater so I keep it simple.

Notes: $15 for 9 patties, this gets you the most bang for your buck.  I freeze these babies and throw them in the microwave each morning and voila, breakfast!



Cost: $37 (only if you need to buy all new ingredients otherwise it’s roughly $25) 

Rating (1-10): 9 

Review: Clearly I didn’t take this picture, I forgot, but I had to share because this is one of my favorite AIP recipes and it’s so delicious.  It has so much flavor, it may not match the spiciness of traditional curry, but it hits the spot.  I also keep the AIP garlic mayo for homemade sweet potato fries later in the week.

Notes: $37 for 4 meals is not bad and it’s even cheaper if you have the coconut manna (butter) and spices on hand, which if you’ve done AIP even for two weeks you likely will.  I usually double the recipe to have enough for each meal (which is also factored into the cost).  For the shredded chicken check out the recipe here! This will get you two pounds of shredded chicken enough for a doubled curried chicken salad recipe.

I also did not take a photo of my cinnamon-sage spiced butternut squash, but I use this recipe here!  It calls for delicata squash, but delicata is only really available right now in the fall, so I use butternut.  I buy already cubed organic butternut squash because I loathe cutting squash, but it’s cheaper to buy the squash as is and cut it yourself ;).



Cost: $30

Rating (1-10): 8

Review: I clearly didn’t take this picture, again, I forgot.  Eric has been good about reminding me, but when he’s not around it goes right out the window, I blame hanger. My stir-fry creation comes out looking more like a stew but it is still delicious.  The mix of coconut aminos, honey, apple cider vinegar, and homemade bone broth give this a uniquely sweet/savory taste.

Notes: $30 for a 4 meals and it’s even cheaper if you already have the coconut aminos and honey! I have the deli thin slice the meat, you can sometimes find quality meat already sliced but I haven’t had any luck thus far.  I use broccoli, carrots, and parsnips for my veggies (roughly 4 carrots, 2 parsnips, and 2-3 bunches of broccoli).   I paired this with sweet potato rounds, because I can’t get enough of them (it’s the sweet of the AIP world).



Cost: $57

Rating (1-10): 5

Review: Yes, clearly I took this picture!  I was not a fan of this one, it is also much too large a recipe for my 6 quart InstaPot, I would recommend halving the recipe if you have a smaller InstaPot.  You can also cook it in a conventional stew pot.  That said, this one was not worth the price, even if you can get 4-6 meals out of it.  I thought the taste was meh, but that could also be the way I made it.  Again, this is my personal opinion, I recommend you try ALL of the recipes you can.

Notes: $57 for 4-6 meals and, as I mentioned above, not worth the money.  Stews have been hit or miss for me on this protocol, but when they’re good you have food for days and can even freeze them for months.  I do recommend trying all of the stews you can, they are good to have around.



Cost: $15

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: I am not a salad girl, I just don’t get satisfaction from them, I never have!  I do, however, have to give this one props for being easy and refreshing.  I would never go as far as to say it was “filling” but it was a good side to the stew above and easy to make!

Notes: $15 for a side salad for 2-3 meals, although it will likely be cheaper if you have some of the ingredients already.



Cost: $25

Rating (1-10): 9

Review: Yet another image I failed to capture, but I will say this meal comes out the closest to looking like the picture than any other.  I love this meal and have made it a few times, it also makes a whole helluva lot of tuna salad.  It’s so crisp and flavorful, it’s good even if you aren’t a tuna fan like me.

Notes: $25 for 3-4 meals and you can eat it without the endive heads if you like, the only organic endives I’ve found are at Whole Foods.

I want to mention the dirty dozen and clean 15 list here, it will help when you’re shopping on a budget.  Some fruits and veggies can be bought conventional and this list will help to guide you.



I wanted to quickly mention one of my favorite snacks that are way too pricey!  You could bake/dehydrate your own green apples, but if you’re lazy/busy like me these are great on the fly.  Amazon has them cheaper but I pick them up at Whole Foods for about $4.69/each.



I bought eggs y’all! These are from my favorite little Mar Vista Farmer’s Market in our neighborhood, open on Sundays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Omma’s Garden eggs say free-range but they are also pastured, soy-free, non-GMO, etc. and if you don’t know the difference, check out more info here! Eggs are a NO on AIP but are usually fairly easy to integrate back in, that is to say the YOLK is easy to reintroduce. I know that seems counter to popular culture, egg whites are supposed to be more healthy!  Not so for those of us with autoimmune diseases, egg whites hold a bevy of inflammatory qualities, normally good for a healthy person (within reason).

I waited 60 days to start reintroductions and decided it was time, everyone is different, go at your own pace. I went ahead and followed the reintroduction protocol and hard boiled these babies in order to isolate the yolk for testing.  It seems like I am in the clear, phew, here’s hoping egg whites make the cut in phase III.

The Paleo Mom, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne has a great FREE pdf download of the reintroduction process.  I would recommend checking this out if/when you get to this point, it’s super helpful


I also splurged and bought an overpriced organic juice at the Farmer’s Market as well, it was delicious and Sundays are for indulging and binging television, right?

Tomorrow I am going to reintroduce almonds, there are so many great recipes with almonds and almond flours and with Thanksgiving around the corner I want/need to have all of the ingredients I can get.  Wine and chocolate are up next and just in time for family gatherings, it will be necessary.

Have a good week!



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  1. oooo, wine and chocolate! That would make Christmas a little more fun and a little more fire and not just fuel!
    Love Hashi-“momma”

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