This Week I Tried…October 23rd Edition

I’m pretty bad at remembering to take pictures of my food (not very hipster of me). I succeeded some days and failed miserably on other days, I’ll try to be better so I can share my ups an downs with AIP.

Food bloggers create beautiful art of their meals but we all know that takes time and experience and usually our own recreations come out looking like garbage.  That’s not what matters, what matters is that the food tastes good and I am here to tell you just that, in my humble opinion at least. I’ll share my amateur foodagrahs along with the corresponding recipes and roughly what it cost to make each meal.


Cost: $32

Rating (1-10): 5

Review: I don’t LOVE fish which is why it has a low rating, but fish is SO good for you, the salsa helps a lot.

Notes: $32 for a 3-4 meals (unless you need to buy the ground ginger, garlic powder, or coconut oil (these three (3) ingredients come up a lot so you should have them around).  The first set of groceries you buy is going to be your most expensive, but it get’s better.


So I forgot to take a picture of the chicken meatballs, but I got the BBQ sauce.  This BBQ sauce has NO tomatoes, you heard that right, tomatoes are a NO on AIP as they’re highly inflammatory (normally really good for a healthy person).

Cost: $34

Rating (1-10): 7

Review: These were so delicious, not a favorite but super filling and easy to make.   This wasn’t too time consuming, as many AIP recipes can be.  I recommend prepping as much as possible for meals before cooking them.  I am still working on that.

Notes: $34 for a 4 meals, this recipe has some small pricier ingredients (maple syrup grade B and smoked sea salt) that will end up lasting you for a long time.  It’s not as pricey as it seems at face value as you’ll get a lot of use out of them in other meals. Also, I do have vegetables at every meal, I had baked sweet potato rounds with sea salt and cinnamon (2 sliced sweet potatoes, toss in 1 tbsp of melted coconut oil, line a baking sheet in aluminum foil or parchment paper, lay out sweet potatoes, sprinkle with cinnamon and sea salt, bake at 350 for 15 minutes, flip over, bake for an additional 15 minutes, and they should be ready).  They’re not crisp more soft, but delicious! I rate them a 9 ;).


HAMBURGERS w/ NOMATO KETCHUP & ONIONS on LETTUCE WRAP, nomato ketchup recipe here!

Cost: $27 (unless you need to buy any of the regular AIP spices brand new) 

Rating (1-10): 9 for the burger, 10 for nomato ketchup 

Review: Nothing beats a hamburger and this nomato ketchup is so close to the real thing. I didn’t think it was possible (and I LOVE ketchup), it’s a tad sweeter than normal ketchup but so good. Yes, I miss the bun but I miss other breads more.   That said the cravings subside and it get’s better with time.

Notes: $27 for a 4 meals, I buy 100% grass-fed ground beef (Trader Joe’s has it for $6.99/lb) and add some garlic powder and salt into the mix.  Grill them in the cast iron skillet, you can usually get six (6) patties from 2lbs of the ground beef.  Refrigerate/freeze the leftovers for meals throughout the week. I also had sweet potato rounds with this because I could not find yuca (to make yuca fries) anywhere.  One of these days!


Cost: $30 cost is mostly due to newly bought balsamic vinegar (organic only) and maple syrup.

Rating (1-10): 10

Review: I was shocked that I loved this, if I am being honest while I never hated meat I could have lived without it, especially pork.  My dad is a farmer and I had my fill of pork growing up.  It is so flavorful due to the slow cook and sauce.

Notes: $30 for a 4 meals, I buy pastured pork roast (easiest to find this at the Farmer’e Market), since Amazon bought Whole Foods the meat quality has decreased. Remember to prepare this 8-10 hours before you want to eat, although super easy to put together (easier than most meals) it takes awhile.  Worth the wait! I ate this along with roasted asparagus (laid out on baking sheet, drizzled/rolled in olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and cook for roughly 25 minutes at 400 degrees)


Disclaimer regarding vitamins, these are not my recommendations, I wanted to share what I’ve been taking.

SELENIUM: I take selenium based on Izabella Wentz, PharmD’s personal research on Hashimoto’s here, there’s also other vitamin recommendations included here as well.

MAGNESIUM MALATE: The magnesium is a recommendation from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne/Paleo Mom and Autoimmune Wellness.

VITAMIN D: The vitamin D is because I spend a lot of time indoors but I will likely discontinue use soon.

Vitamins/supplements to come are Fermented Cod-Liver Oil because I don’t eat enough organ meats (I don’t like them) and a good Probiotic (this depends on the person and takes time to figure out) which are excellent for folks with autoimmune diseases, but again I would recommend consulting with a doctor for obvious reasons…I’m not a doctor. 😉





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